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Des Plaines Vehicle Magnets
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Des Plaines Vehicle Magnets


Not every business is prepared to commit to vehicle wraps or permanent graphics on their fleet. Some of us use our work vehicles for personal trips, while others navigate areas where flashy promotions aren’t suitable. That’s where Mark Your Space‘s Des Plaines vehicle magnets come in handy!

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Vehicle magnets serve as a cost-effective advertising tool for your commercial vehicles. They allow you to showcase content, like your business’s nature or offerings, similar to other vehicle graphics. However, what sets these magnets apart is their flexibilityβ€”they’re easily removable, especially handy when approaching signage or graphic-restricted areas. Plus, they stay firmly in place even at higher speeds, thanks to the robust magnets used in these graphics.

Mark Your Space offers a hassle-free sign and graphics service to businesses seeking the right graphics without breaking the bank. When it comes to vehicle magnets, we customize them to match your brand, work within your budget, and adhere to a set schedule. Count on us for top-quality vehicle magnets that withstand the test of time without easy damage concerns.

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Advertise When You Need It

You can only invest so much in signs and graphics to advertise your business. You will need to be creative if you want customers to look for your business and try your offerings out.

vehicle magnets and matching yard signsOne of the best ways you can do it is by using your vehicles as an advertising tool, and graphics like vehicle magnets can be your next bet.

Mark Your Space can create Des Plaines vehicle magnets, which you can use to advertise your business while on the go. Once installed on your vehicle, they will work similarly to vehicle wraps and other vehicle graphics, reaching out to your target audience while informing them about your business and offerings.

When you need to use your vehicle for personal use or enter areas where signage is not allowed, you can easily remove the magnet and store it until you need to use it again.

Signage Restricted Neighborhoods

Vehicle Magnet, Magnetic Car SignIn certain city neighborhoods, deed or HOA restrictions can limit the use of signage or graphics, posing a challenge to reaching potential customers in these areas. Moreover, these restrictions extend to personal vehicles wrapped with business promotional graphics, barring them from being parked at your residence.

This can pose a significant inconvenience, especially for small businesses or startups, necessitating a separate vehicle for personal use, adding to expenses.

However, there’s an alternative: vehicle magnets. These are not only cost-effective to personalize and create but also easily removable from your vehicle. Our graphic designers can craft magnets that effectively showcase your brand while they’re on. Once you’re done using your vehicle for business, simply peel off the magnet, leaving your vehicle inconspicuous among others in the neighborhood.

Full-Service Sign Company

Whether you need personalized Des Plaines vehicle magnets or other graphics for your business, you can trust Mark Your Space to make the entire process easy! We will do everything in-house as we have a great team of sign and graphics experts ready to take on your project and the latest equipment that will make it easier to make your request perfectly.

custom vehicle magnetsAll our projects kick off with a complimentary consultation. This is where we aim to understand your brand and business needs for tailored, cost-effective solutions. Once we grasp your goals, our graphic designers create digital mockups of the final product, allowing for edits in size, shape, text, colors, and fonts.

Once you approve the design, our fabrication team will get to work on manufacturing your request. They will also work alongside our graphic designers to match the design with the final product before it is forwarded to you for your use.

Since vehicle magnets can be self-installed, our Des Plaines, IL sign company can help you with repairs and maintenance. If you want to update your design and use it for vehicle graphics or other displays, such as signs and other types of graphics, let us know. Our sign and graphics experts are ready to help you create the right signs and graphics for your business.

Free Vehicle Magnet Consultation

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If you use your vehicles for both personal and commercial use, you don’t have to worry about getting a wrap to use your vehicle as part of your business promotions and marketing. With personalized vehicle magnets, you can easily transform your vehicle into an eye-catching and professional commercial vehicle or an ordinary personal vehicle whenever you need it.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Mark Your Space at any time to find out how you can get your very own vehicle magnets for your vehicle. We look forward to helping you create the ideal vehicle magnets that match your brand and one that you can rely on for a long time.

Call Mark Your Space at 630-448-5558 for your Free Consultation with a Des Plaines Vehicle Magnet expert!