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Vehicle Graphics
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Chicagoland Vehicle Graphics


Thinking of additional ways to promote your business? Our Chicagoland vehicle graphics can help you reach hundreds of potential customers every day!

Custom vehicle graphics

Crafted from high-grade vinyl, our custom vehicle graphics at Custom Signs and Wraps can be tailored for various vehicle types. They endure long-term use, even in changing weather or on maritime vehicles. And the best part? We offer them at reasonable rates, ensuring you get the most for your money.

Plus, our team takes customization seriously. We aim to design vehicle wraps and graphics that align with your branding guidelines while maximizing their marketing impact. You get to choose the design elements and business info you want. We’re here to ensure it all results in eye-catching and compelling graphics.

Level up your commercial vehicles with Custom Signs and Wraps. Discuss your customization options with our vehicle graphic experts today!

Call Custom Signs and Wraps today at 630-448-5558 for your Free Consultation with a Chicagoland Vehicle Graphic expert!

Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps

Included in our offered Chicagoland vehicle graphics are full vehicle wraps and partial vehicle wraps. Many business owners and even personal car owners opt for these wraps because they can cover your vehicle with customized designs more seamlessly.

custom vehicle graphics

Full Vehicle Wraps

As suggested in its name, a full vehicle wrap will be applied to the entirety of your vehicle. Our expert wrap installers at Custom Signs and Wraps will work with your vehicle’s natural joints and lines to make the resulting graphics look as smooth and flawless as possible. Complete vehicle wraps are best for those who want to change the color of their vehicles or want a more elaborate design.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

On the other hand, a partial vehicle wrap will only cover certain areas of your vehicle. You can choose any vehicle part you prefer (e.g., doors, bumpers, tailgate) without worrying that your vehicle graphic will look out of place. Our designers and installers will ensure that your partial wrap will look like a natural part of your vehicle.

Regardless of what specific wrap you’ll go for, Custom Signs and Wraps guarantees durable vinyl that can add extra protection to your vehicle. This and their proven marketing effectiveness make them a worthwhile investment.

High-Quality Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

Aside from wraps, we also have cheaper and more minimal Chicagoland vehicle graphics!

Vehicle Lettering and Cut Graphics

custom full vehicle wrapWe can set you up with vehicle lettering or precisely cut vinyl graphics. We recommend these options for those on a budget, with smaller vehicles, or who prefer a more minimalistic look. They’re also a great fit if you anticipate frequently changing your promotional messages.

Vehicle lettering and graphics are great tools for displaying your company name, logo, slogan, and contact details. They are also popularly used to abide by the law by showing legally required business information, such as your license number or DOT details.

Vehicle Magnets

Another cost-effective product that we offer is vehicle magnets. These magnets can be removed and reused whenever you choose, allowing you to take your marketing message off your vehicle in sign-restricted neighborhoods or when using the car for non-business-related errands.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom partial car wrap

For customized signs & graphics perfect for marketing, information, and added decor, trust Custom Signs and Wraps to provide a comprehensive service that values efficiency, durability, and overall appeal.

We’re a full-service Chicagoland, IL sign company with a team that handles everything for top-notch sign production and installation. Your vehicle graphics, for example, are designed to catch the eye and reflect your brand’s image while complementing your vehicle’s shape. Plus, we give you a digital mock-up before printing, so you can check and request any changes you want.

custom design and manufacturing

When planning your vehicle graphics, we consider your budget and timeline. This helps us choose the best type of vehicle graphics, vinyl, ink, and finishing that’ll fully satisfy you.

Once your customized vinyl vehicle graphics are flawlessly printed, we’ll install them on your vehicle. With years of experience, we assure you flawless and impressive results. Your vinyl graphics are guaranteed to be free of wrinkles, bubbles, and any installation errors.

Free Vehicle Graphics Consultation

Chicagoland Vehicle Graphics logo new symbol 300x87Your commercial vehicles are solid investments you can maximize for marketing and business operations. Custom Signs and Wraps can be your marketing partner, providing high-quality custom signs and graphics.

Our vehicle graphics are guaranteed to be long-lasting, attractive, and worth every penny you pay for. Turn your vehicles into 24/7 marketing tools and expand your reach as much as possible starting today!

Call Custom Signs and Wraps today at 630-448-5558 for your Free Consultation with a Chicagoland Vehicle Graphic Expert!